lördag 12 september 2009

A cup of Miss Tea at Miranda Margareta, Malmö

onsdag 24 juni 2009

The summer is here - likewise is my summer collection!

Royal English rose

The collection will enter the Swedish stores in beginning of July.
I the meanwhile you can find the Spring collection in following stores:

Tjalla Malla, Davidhallsgatan 15, http://www.tjallamalla.com/
Deisyboo, Davidhallstorg 1, http://www.deisyboo.se/

RÅH, Norra Kyrkog.10,

Vintage Store, Lyckholms bryggerier 5a, http://www.vintagestore.se/
Drömma, Östra Skansgatan 3c, http://www.dromma.se/

Thanks to: Måns Norlin and Jennifer Johansson

torsdag 14 maj 2009

My and my cup of Tea´s Sugarland

Sweet as candy is this shop My Sugarland in Angel, London, where A Cup of Miss Tea introduced herself to the English market. This coming Saturday, the 16th of May, there will be a big event in this charming boutique and they have promised to have a tea ceremony in the ceiling- exactly like in Mary Poppins. So please join me on a high cup of nice english tea.

Kindest regards, Miss Tea(ser)


onsdag 1 april 2009

The English rose collcetion

English rose- set , £ 40 (500 kr)

Ring: £25 (300 kr)

Necklace: £ 25 (300 kr)

The Princess collcetion

Princess- set , £ 40 (500 kr)

Ring: £25 (300 kr)

Necklace: £ 25 (300 kr)

* special thanks to Christine Jansson and Simon.

lördag 28 mars 2009

The spring is here, and so is my tea-collection.


I'm Teres and I don´t drink coffee... but I love tea.
White, red, blue...anything for you- just come over for a cup of tea and you will see...
that everything will be fine... cause you're in my mind!


1. English rose-jug, with gold plated necklace .
2. Princess-kit, gold plated necklace and rolled gold ring.

Email me for information about prices and collections.
Or buy the spring collection at Vintage store in Lyckholms Fabriker, Göteborg

Many thanks!

Kindest regards,

Miss T(ea)

* special thanks to Mr Eduard Depelyan and Seif Alhasani. www.seifalhasani.com