torsdag 14 maj 2009

My and my cup of Tea´s Sugarland

Sweet as candy is this shop My Sugarland in Angel, London, where A Cup of Miss Tea introduced herself to the English market. This coming Saturday, the 16th of May, there will be a big event in this charming boutique and they have promised to have a tea ceremony in the ceiling- exactly like in Mary Poppins. So please join me on a high cup of nice english tea.

Kindest regards, Miss Tea(ser)

2 kommentarer:

  1. im a big fan of: a cup of miss tea!! :)

    xxxx din allderles egna lina, lilla miss teresa darling

  2. Hej Natalia,

    Kul att du gillar min kollektion Natalia.

    Jag blir dock nyfiken på om jag känner dig eller hur du har kommit kontakt med A cup of Miss Tea.

    Raraste hälsningar

    Miss T(ea)